Properly Store Your Wine

If you’re interested in storing wine but have no idea where to start, look no further than a wine rack. Wine racks are a great wine storage option with many options available for purchase with a range of prices that range from really cheap to expensive; however, finding a wine rack cheap can be challenging and comes with its own set of issues. Still, the proper wine rack is a great bottle protector and storage option. Here are tips for finding an integrated wine cellar for your home.

Basic Things You’ll Need To Do First

One of the first and most basic things you should be doing is asking yourself whether or not you will need the wine rack. The answer will depend on your needs. More importantly, how much wine you need to store. Meaning if you only have a few bottles of wine, you might not need to install one. However, there are great space-saving wine rack pieces you can invest in when it comes to these instances. They can also look quite decorative. You should also ensure you have purchased a wine rack that can adequately hold a bigger bottle. Furthermore, depending on what you are looking for, you can buy a wine rack that can hold up to 80 bottles. However, you will need to evaluate how much space you have to place your wine as this is a definitive factor in the type of wine rack you can go for. And, of course, the price. The price to purchase a wine rack can stem between €10 to the €1000’s for a bespoke cellar. Other factors that also determine the price include the materials used, size, quality, and design. However, you can fit the price to build a wine rack on a budget; you just need to ensure it is sturdy enough to hold numerous bottles.

The Number of Bottles You Wish To Keep

The amount of bottles you’ll be keeping typically goes hand in hand with the space available to you as a prime factor in your decision-making. Most people only need a wine rack that holds six to about twenty-four bottles. This, of course, is also dependent on how much you’d like to keep on hand and how much you would like to drink. If you wish to keep more, you would need to keep a bigger rack and if you want a smaller collection, a rack that you won’t need to purchase a bigger wine rack. This can be a negative thing as empty wine racks don’t look as attractive.

The Design of Your Home and Rack.

Your wine rack can be placed anywhere in your house. However, choosing where in your living space your wine rack will go is an important interior decoration decision. Usually, people place them in their kitchen or the dining room; however, your wine rack can be placed in multiple different places to make your interior look more pleasing, like under the stairs or in a pantry if you have one.  Traditional designs may look odd in a modern setting and vice versa, to avoid this reflecting on the style of the decor of your home can help you choose your wine rack. Wine racks can even be decorative, so shopping around before making a purchase is a good idea.


The materials you use are extremely important when it comes to the wine rack design. Usually made from wood and/or metal, you can also find wine racks made of plastic and perspex. Although these are only suitable for holding a few bottles.