I’m an interior design pro – the most popular design trend

KEEPING your home’s decor on-trend doesn’t need to be complicated.

In fact, this year’s top design style is super simple, but it can still boost your home’s selling power.

The hottest home trend of 2022 is minimalism, home experts revealed


The hottest home trend of 2022 is minimalism, home experts revealedCredit: Getty

According to the home experts at Share to Buy, there’s one design trend, in particular, that will catch the attention of homebuyers.

“The most popular trend of 2022 is the minimalist trend, characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic color palette,” the experts wrote.

In a survey, 53.3 percent of respondents said they were fans of the simple, clean design style.

It’s no surprise that the second-most popular home decor trend shares many of the same qualities.

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More than one-third of respondents – 38 percent – said they love the neutral color schemes and streamlined aesthetic of the Scandinavian look.

Blend modern, sleek furniture with cozy, muted colors and soft lighting to bring this decor trend into your home.

The experts found that two other longstanding trends, rustic and shabby-chic decor, were still very popular, though a similar new style is quickly becoming more desirable.

That’s the cottagecore aesthetic, which is almost exactly as popular as the classic rustic look and has actually surpassed the shabby-chic trend that was a staple in the 2010s.

Vintage, bohemian, and industrial styles are also starting to fall out of favor, the experts reported.

Industrial interiors, with features like exposed brick and open floor plans, are much less popular than they were years ago, with only 13.7 percent of homeowners reporting that they liked the trend.

Two trends fell to the bottom of the list, with very little interest from respondents – so if you’re trying to sell your home, make sure these two styles aren’t the cornerstone of your look.

Nautical styles only interested 9.1 percent of respondents.

To top it off, maximalism – the exact opposite of super-trendy minimalism – is officially out.

A mere 5.2 percent of respondents said they like maximalism, so if you want to improve your home’s value, less is more.

Maximalist decor is reportedly the least-popular style for homes today


Maximalist decor is reportedly the least-popular style for homes todayCredit: Getty