Unveiling the Pinnacle of Aesthetic Evolution: Best Architectural Styles of 2023

The hallmark of Sustainable Building in 2023 is the prevalence of net-zero energy buildings. Harnessing solar, wind, and other renewable sources, architects are engineering structures that generate as much energy as they consume. The integration of energy-efficient systems and passive design principles ensures a minimal carbon footprint.

Modern Architectural Trends: Riding the Wave of Innovation

As we navigate the architectural zeitgeist of 2023, it becomes evident that the concept of trends is not fleeting; it’s evolutionary. Modern Architectural Trends are the ripples on the surface of a deep, ever-flowing river of creativity.

Adaptive Reuse: Breathing New Life into Old Structures

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Shaping the Future: Energy-Efficient Home Remodeling Trends of 2023

Windows are not just openings to the world; they are now potential energy sources. Imagine windows that harness sunlight and convert it into electricity, a marriage of aesthetics and sustainable energy production.

3. Intelligent Lighting Systems:

Illuminate your spaces with intelligence. Smart lighting systems adjust based on occupancy and natural light levels—a dance of luminescence that not only saves energy but also adds a touch of futuristic elegance.

4. High-Efficiency HVAC Systems:

Your home’s respiratory system deserves an upgrade. High-efficiency HVAC systems, equipped with advanced sensors and precise temperature control, redefine comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

Green Remodeling Ideas: A

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Unleashing Creativity: DIY Home Improvement Projects for 2023

Unleash your creativity on tired wooden floors with a fresh coat of paint. Geometric patterns or a classic herringbone design can breathe new life into your space.

2. DIY Open Shelving:

Transform your kitchen or living area by replacing traditional cabinets with open shelves. Showcase your favorite dishes or books while adding an airy, modern vibe to the room.

3. Vinyl Tile Magic:

Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen flooring with peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. Achieve the look of high-end materials without the hefty price tag and labor-intensive installation.

Creative Home Improvement Tips: Navigating the DIY Landscape

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Architecture 2030 and Building Industry Leaders Call on

The following is a press release from Architecture 2030 and building industry signatories calling on other industry leaders and on governments to commit to meeting the 1.5°C Paris Agreement targets. Read their Communiqué here. Architecture 2030 founder Edward Mazria, FAIA, and president and chief operating officer Vincent Martinez, Hon. AIA, are regular contributors to ARCHITECT.

More than 60 of the largest and most influential international architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, planning, and construction firms, collectively responsible for over $300 billion in annual construction, along with two dozen organizations representing over one million building industry professionals worldwide, issued a Communiqué to government

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Your game plan for a home renovation project


Most HGTV shows give us the idea that home remodeling projects take place in 30 minutes and only include just one token problem right before a commercial break (“Chip, there’s mold behind the molding!”).

But in the non-reality-TV real world, many major renovations — from additions to kitchen and bath redos to finishing unfinished spaces — involve multiple hiccups and take too long, testing your patience, your family relationships and your wallet.

The potential star or villain in this chaos is a general contractor. The right one can create a hit show of sorts, bringing

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Jul 06, 2022


Kent-based Hermanson Co. promoted Scott Sinclair to business group leader of the Critical Environments Group — a team dedicated to mechanical design and construction for hospitals, laboratories and other mission-critical settings. Sinclair spent the last seven years at the company as a senior project manager and construction executive. He has over 35 years of experience as a mechanical design engineer, senior project manager and construction team leader, in charge of acquiring new projects and managing them through the preconstruction and construction phases.





Tacoma-based Ethos

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