Barbiecore: How To Make This Home Trend Glam And Not Gaudy

Do you love pink? Then you’ll love the newest trend in home design. Bolstered by promotional images from next summer’s Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Barbiecore first swept fashion trends and is now hitting home aesthetics. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Barbiecore?

In a word? It’s everything pink. But, it’s also more than that. Just like Barbie is the woman who can do everything — doctor, teacher, and gymnast, all while driving her friends and her beau Ken to the beach in her hot pink car for a little summer surfing — this trend is the epitome of more is more, trying to capture the enthusiasm, playfulness, and, well, fun that Barbie exudes.

As far as fashion goes, celebrities from Anne Hathaway to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have sported the look. This was spurred on in part by Valentino’s fall collection, developed in partnership with Pantone, which pays homage to hot pink.

And, as we all know, home design trends often follow fashion — and Barbiecore is no exception. And while the new Barbie flick is responsible for inspiring much of the switch to all things pink, design and lifestyle blogger Elise Armitage told that celebs like Kylie Jenner —whose home is outfitted with pink chairs, shag carpet, and Barbie artwork — are also responsible for spurring on the Barbiecore trend.

What does the Barbiecore trend mean in home design?

Not surprisingly, pretty much the same thing it does in fashion. You can definitely take the maximalist approach — with big, bold statement pieces in shades of hot pink and bubblegum pink — and create a fun and lively atmosphere. Or, if you prefer, you could go a little more old-school glam — with light pink hues, gold accents, and fluffy, textured white throw pillows that create a look reminiscent of the 1950s decade the first Barbie doll was borne of.

In short, you can make the Barbiecore trend your own and personalize it with your own style and taste. But, you don’t have to be afraid to think pink.

How to incorporate Barbiecore into your home

Whether you want to decorate your home with all pink everything or are looking for a more understated approach to Barbiecore, here are some tips to get you started:

Start small

Not sure if Barbiecore is right for you? Try it out in one room first — a nursery or kid’s room could be perfect for this (especially if your child loves Barbie). If you don’t live with any kids, try a craft room or a home office, a space that is uniquely yours. Pink can also be a fantastic way to liven up a drab, boring basement (and, if you feel you’ve gone overboard and have regrets, at least it’s a low-traffic area). If an entire room feels like too much for you, try swapping out some throw pillows and a comfy blanket on your couch. If those pink touches make you happy, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Remember that there are tons of shades of pink

While you might be thinking of that classic Barbie hot pink, this color — like all other hues — has a lot of versatility. From pale pinks to berry tones to loud fuchsia hues, you have plenty of options. If hot pink feels too bright to you, try a lighter shade that can play almost as a neutral or a darker shade — more purple than pink — to add a regal touch to your home.

Search out Barbiecore items specifically

Ah, the wonders of the internet where you can find just about everything. Just want to add a few pink accent pieces or maybe a statement piece like a dresser? Sites like Chairish have created entire sections dedicated to “Barbiecore” favorites, making it even easier for you to find that perfect finishing touch.

Embrace curves and texture

One of the hottest home design trends this year was the resurgence of curvy furniture — and paired with the right shade of pink, gold accents, and a little bit of texture (think fringe or another recent trend, velvet) and you can create the perfect mix of modern and retro — just like Barbie herself. Add in some floral wallpaper, and you’re all set.

Remember that Barbie has a lot of personalities

She’s had every job there is, done every sport, and still loves dressing up in heels and a formal ball gown. In short, part of the appeal of Barbie is there’s one for you no matter your personality. From the original Barbie to Malibu Barbie to a myriad of collector editions, you’ve got plenty of inspiration. So whether your aesthetic is more Old Hollywood or coastal casual, you can incorporate Barbiecore into your design.

Barbiecore is a playfun, fun trend that you can incorporate into your home. Whether you go for an in-your-face maximalist approach or subtle touches that complement your existing aesthetic, the Barbiecore trend can bring a nostalgic bit of happiness to your space.

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