6 Ways to Make a Minimalist Home Front Garden

Occupancy in urban areas usually does not have a garden because the land is very limited. However, do you know if there is a way to make a beautiful simple front garden in even a narrow area. Basically making a simple garden in the yard of the house is not difficult. You can start by growing plants that are easy to care for, easy to grow, and don’t require a large growing area. Well, here’s how to make a simple front garden that Moms can try to do

Re-Check The Size Of The Land Owned

The first step is to double-check the land area you have for the garden area. After knowing the size, you can determine what roughly you want to put in the garden.

Determining The Concept Of The Garden

Many choices of garden models that can be used as references. For example collection gardens, natural gardens, tropical gardens, Balinese gardens, flower gardens, Japanese gardens, or Sundanese gardens.

Designing Garden Layout

Create a floor plan from the layout of garden design elements. Ideally, at least 1/3 of the garden area is an area of ​​greenery. The rest define garden elements such as fish ponds, small bridges, showers, or footrests.

Determine Which Plants To Use

After determining the plants to be planted, the next simple way to make a front garden is to prepare a planting medium consisting of soil, compost, and husk charcoal or coconut fiber.

Pay Attention To The Plumbing System

 Plan a drainage system to prevent the garden from flooding when it rains. Beautify with lighting and decorations. Adjust the lighting of garden lights and decorate the garden with earthen barrels, animal statues, and others according to the theme.